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We are committed to providing world-class service for every project from curb repair to full service concrete construction. We pride ourselves on our ability to service the spectrum of projects as well as exceed your expectations. You can take our word for it, or you can hear from our...

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Our team at Presta Construction has accumulated a wealth of experience over the past 24 years in business. As a team, we bring together over 75 years of concrete construction, which allows us to give you the best product possible. Concrete is our life and we would love to share our work with you. 

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Reputable Solutions

We can proudly exclaim that our first works of concrete are standing strong and reliable to this day. Our concrete solutions withstand even the harshest circumstances. From loading docks to bollards; retaining walls to foundation floors, we stand by our work and assure excellent quality. Take a look at what solutions we can provide you.

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Enjoy first-class service from our proven team with over 30 years of construction experience. Based in Bloomingdale, Illinois we cater to projects within Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area.